Pulmonary hypertension?

-Older small breed dog

-signs of congestive heart failure and mitral valve endocardiosis

-history of previously treated heartworm disease

I did not find tricuspid regurgitation or pulmonic insufficiency to quantify PH but the clinical signs are suspicious.



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  1. LA size is normal so im

    LA size is normal so im doubting left chf. Pulm artery is prominent but need solid TR jets to dx pulm hypertension. A dirty way to assess if pulm hypertension is likely clinical is to scan the cvc and hv of the liver – sdep abdmen position 12. If dilated then right chf starting. In my experience most clinical pht cases have dilated hv and cvc wiht tr velocities usually > 3.5 and more likely higher but just my experience. No study to support that.

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