Yellow cat – now doing fine

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Yellow cat – now doing fine

1-year-old SF cat presented with jaundice and mild anemia. RDVM prescribed doxy, prednisolone, and referred for abdominal US. US showed mild-moderate CBD dilation and inflamed duodenal papilla. 10 days later, repeated US showed similar findings but resolved bilirubinemia. Patient eating well and gaining weight. Unclear cause of DPap inflammation, but patient doing well. Any chance of choledachal cyst???


Eric Lindquist

That d pap isnt right at that age unless infectious agents in play for a while i would think congenital cbd/d pap dysplasia. I would surgically investigate and correct with likely a deviation as he has a whole life ahead of him to deal with it.

Remo Lobetti

With the age, anemia and icterus that has resolved with doxycycline and prednisolone would also consider hemoplasmosis and possible secondary immune-mediated hemolytic anemia.

Inam ul - Haq

Thank you for ur inputs – so Dysplastic Dpap and dilated BDs were an inidental finding?

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