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4-month-old male cat.Grey zone LVH m mode, some 2D measures exceeding 0.6mm.SAM present with MV regurge. Ischemia/fibrosis in RSA view with a couple B lines I don’t think significant? LAD=normal,RSALA:AO= mild increase.Brief follow up echo to complete with cat fasted and sedated. Similar findings; increased HR and more significant LVH(0.7cm) than earlier study. Mitral E:A was reversed and IVRT increased. Q1: Can you differentiate primary SAM with LVH from secondary SAM with HCM in young animals?Q2: Can tachycardia and mild dehydration create a pseudohypertrophy?


Eric Lindquist

Yeh these measurements are essentially normal or upper limits of normal for an adult cat so HCM emerging i would think and if that 4.7 m/sec flow is lvot then dynamic obstruction likely. Volume contraction along with tachycardia can cause pseudohypertrophy and flow murmurs that are benign and when that happens I would look in the abdomen for pathology that may be causing it. But in a 4 mo old hcm phenotype likely here as he grows into it.

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