Bening hepatic nodular hyperplasia

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Bening hepatic nodular hyperplasia

An 8-year-old FS poodle was presented with abdominal pain. CPLi test was negative. Abdominal ultrasound showed mass of the caudate liver lobe. Looks most likely benign nodular hyperplasia. Can this be the cause of pain?


Remo Lobetti

As the mass is causing bulging of the overlying capsule can definitely be the cause, especially if she has taken a bump on the abdomen.

Eric Lindquist

Looks like a benign swelling off the caudate maybe a hepatoma in an early phase. I agree with Remo that it may be causing discomfort but I dont see any pericapsular inflammation so I would cover bases and assess referred back pain as that can radiate to the cranial abdomen as well.

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