focal enteritis?

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focal enteritis?

11 month old FS DLH with acute vomiting and abdominal pain. Thought this loop of jejunum had some muscularis layer thickening and overall thickness at upper end with plump ileocolic lymph nodes. Rest of small bowel unremarkable other than some gas in the lumen.
Please comment on the jejunum appearance and any next steps you would recommend. No further testing at been done prior to the ultrasound.


Eric Lindquist

There’s a regional muscularis thickening in the small intestine with an inversion of the normal muscularis mucosal ratio but the submucosa is in tact. This can be latent IBD and i dont think its the clinical issue currently as there is no inflammation around it and curvilinear patterns are solid. There is amild LN enlargement that has a reactive pattern. I see this sort of think incidentally in cats a lot. Worth keeping an eye on but i dont think this lesion nis the immediate problem. Use hi res linear probe on the pancreas to see if anything hot there.

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