Bening hepatic nodular hyperplasia

Bening hepatic nodular hyperplasia

An 8-year-old FS poodle was presented with abdominal pain. CPLi test was negative. Abdominal ultrasound showed mass of the caudate liver lobe. Looks most likely benign nodular hyperplasia. Can this be the cause of pain? Sorry, your browser does not support embedded videos.

Yellow cat – now doing fine

1-year-old SF cat presented with jaundice and mild anemia. RDVM prescribed doxy, prednisolone, and referred for abdominal US. US showed mild-moderate CBD dilation and inflamed duodenal papilla. 10 days later, repeated US showed similar findings but resolved bilirubinemia. Patient eating well and gaining weight. Unclear cause of DPap inflammation, but patient doing well. Any chance…

Splenocaval shunt in cat

15-month old female DSH presented with stunted growth, partial seizures and blindess. Because of high-degree of suspicion of a PSS, abdominal ultrasound was done. PV can be seen draining in the CVC. Is it a splenocaval shunt?

How to do right adrenal FNA/Biopsy

I always wonder how right adrenal FNA or biopsy can be done? It is strictly adhered to vena cava and hwo to avoid vena cava to prick the gland? Also, someitmes it gets difficult to moe the renal artery out of the way to FNA the left adrena; any tips?

Pancreatic FNA/Biopsy

Just a simple question: While doing pancreatic FNA or biopsy, do we really need to take care to not hit the pancreatic duct? It seems challenging to avoid it. Will it cause some severe complication if the duct is hit during either FNA or tructu biopsy?

Renal infiltration

14-year-old cat with history of gradual weight loss with relatively fair appetite. Blood test shows normal renal function with elevated amylase. There is irregular increase of medulla on the ventral aspect of the kidney. Can it be renal infiltration? lymphoma?. I was able to see a nodule in the left pancreatic region but I was…

fever of unknown origin, enlarged spleen, thin renal cortices

10 month old MN DSH indoor only with fever, lethargy and decreased appetite since 7/26. Some improvement with Convenia and SQ fluids. Blood work and fecal exam WNL. Spleen enlarged, course and lumpy. Renal cortices appear thin to me – please comment. I am recommending FELV/FIV and fever panel, spleen fNA if no improvement. I…

Diaphragmatic rent

Incidental finding in a one-year-old male stray cat presented with the complain of lethargy. Looks like a small diaphragmatic rent. Am I correct?

Question – mucobile duct

I am attaching a video from SDEP pathology videos for mucobileduct obstruction. Both bile and mucus have similar echogenicity (if I am not wrong), then how the obstruction caused by mucus in the bile duct be detected? How the mucus in the bile duct can be distinguished from the normal bile if both have similar…

Is it only prostatic carcinoma or urethral tumor also

A 14-year-old male neutered dog was presented with the complain of stranguria for a month and intermittent hematurina. Abdominal ultrasound showed prostatomegaly with some hyperechoic areas, consistent most likely with a prostatic carcinoma. Some tissue/blood clot was also seen growing at the bladder apex. Just wanted to check if it is jsut prostatic neoplasia or…

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