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  • SAM

    4-month-old male cat.Grey zone LVH m mode, some 2D measures exceeding 0.6mm.SAM present with MV regurge. Ischemia/fibrosis in RSA view with a couple B lines I don’t think significant? LAD=normal,RSALA:AO= mild increase.Brief follow up echo to complete with cat fasted and sedated. Similar findings; increased HR and more significant LVH(0.7cm) than earlier study. Mitral E:A…

  • HCM or not? Systolic anterior motion

    One-year 6-month old scottish fold male was presented for lameness examination of the hind limb. Grade 2 parasternal heart murmur was heard. The cats seems to have HCM phenotype, probably just the beginning. There seems to be systolic anterior motion also. Can you please confirm if there is SAM and this cat has HCM phenotype? …

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