gall bladder

gall bladder

This is a 13 yr old toy poodle with vague GI signs and decreased appetite.First imaged in April . Gall bladder is unchanged since April. Patient was treated by rDVM with urosidiol and??? and has improved at home with no symptoms. This lesion is not gravity dependent . Common bile duct is normal. Not sure what…

pericardial effusion

9 yr old m/n Golden Retriever had acute collapse. Was treated at er removed 40 ml of frank blood from pericardial sac 4 days ago. Doing well now. Abdominal ultrasound negative.Of course mass until proven otherwise. What do you think of area around ra? No doppler flow in the “mass”. The right auricle is clear…

lung pathology

This 12 yr old 11 lb dog went to anesthesia for a dental. just after induction the patient experienced an arrhythmia and sever bradycardia. The procedure aborted. The patient had prolonged recovery. history of occasional cough,started seizures this year. 6 lead ecg heart rate 110 sinus arrhthmia. atropine response test revealed normal response.echocardiogram mild mitral…

duodenal thickening??

This is a 8 yr old m/n feline. Presented to rdvm for “adr” . Owner noted half pound weight loss. bloodwork unremarkable. I would like opinion on the region of duodenal flexure. I may be seeing a thickening/mass or am I just in the flexure and getting the impression of “mass” dependent on my angle??Thanks!!

pancreatic mass?

This cat presented for anorexia,vomiting green,febrile as noted by house call vet. He was weak ,dehydrated on presentation here. He had been treated with depo convenia by house call vet. Imaging 11/26 in the region of the right pancreatic limb painful,mass-like effect. cat treated with fluids ,enrofloaxacin cerenia. Improved now eating, remains weak. today hyperglycemic…

young dog rib

this is a 6 month old Boxer. He is a show dog . Was bouncing up and down yelped and was nwb on  l forelimb. Lame just one day. Normal now. Rads to survey. Are these ribs a worry? They are quite irregular in density at sternum and “moth-eaten”

lumbar pathology?

This is a f/s Jack Russell She has all the classic JTR problems IBD,Epilepsy. She is maintained on pheno ,hypoallergenic diet.She was seen in June for flare up of IBD. Bloodwork was normal. Recovered. Over course of 6 weeks loss of epaxial muscle. Walking on toes rear legs. Neuro exam wnl.No response to nsaid. Not…


This is an 8 yr old cat history of lethargy and not asking for food. GGt7, ALT135,ALP 185.P{lease comment of CBD/Duodenal region.

cbd/duodenal change

this main coone cat f/s 8yr old was referred for abdominal ultrasound with request to focus on gall bladder. no laboratory info or clinical information was sent along. i would like opinions on the duodenum/cbd region. thanks


This is an 11 yr old f/s pit bull terrier.History of favoring rh leg since June. Not improving on nsaid  marked muscle atrophy. We have a discussion going here about the lytic foci and the tibial changes. The debate is neoplasia vs old ACL???  

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