Multi-organ pathology without definitive cytology results

Multi-organ pathology without definitive cytology results

I attempted to post yesterday but didn’t appear to publish. Sorry if this is a double post! I need some opinions on this case.

Dicom images

I am looking to get a licence number to be able to export images from a My Lab Alpha in Dicom format. It is costing close to $650 at a discounted price. Does this seem right, is there any other way to get it?

Caudal abdominal masses

10 year old male neutered lab, recent history of straining to defaecate, now not eating Plain abdominal xray showed displaced colon with bony material within it, thorax normal Bloods unremarkable Two masses around anus which feel deep seated and have been sampled, pending cytology The liver, spleen, kidneys and adrenals were normal

Vomiting cat with renal failure and GI wall changes

10 year old male neutered DLH presented for vomiting 1 week ago Bloodwork showed Glu=166mg/dL, Creat=3.1mg/dL, BUN=37mg/dL, Glob=5.5g/dL, and ALT=283 U/L. Radiographs shows small, irregulary shaped kidneys. The patient was treated with IV fluids and Cerenia. The patient returned yesterday for recurrent vomiting. Bloodwork performed yesterday showed Creat=3.7mg/dL, BUN=43mg/dL, Glob=5.7g/dL, ALT=219 U/L

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