Working on my learning curve…

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Working on my learning curve…

So, there is not a particular history for these images…I’m trying to convince myself that these are adrenal glands. We’ve had U/S for a while and I’ve done a few basic courses, but just this year did the NAVC U/S course. We also purchased  used linear probe.


I think these are adrenals, but for my learning purposes, I’d like to make sure…especially with the linear probe, it’s such a better image vs the convex probe.



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Good morning

Good morning franklinanimalclinic! As far as if these are adrenals or not I will leave that up to Dr. Eric Lindquist as I can’t tell from your images since your machine scans a bit different than mine. But to assist you with your hunt we have recently put out SonoPath’s “No Adrenal Gland Left Behind” campaign to help the sonographic community really hone in on these tricky little guys. Here is the link:

There are 7 really helpful pages in the series with still images and efficiency clips.

I hope this helps! 🙂  -Kelly, SonoPath


Yes they are and nice images.

Yes they are and nice images. Just increase your gain a bit. You can always distinguish the adrenals form LN or other similar structures by the phrenic vein transecting the adrenal (long arrow) and the corticomedullary band (small arrow). See this screen shot of your left adrenal that shows well. The CF didnt pick up but I’m sure it would if you increase your gain with cf turned on or use power doppler.


I love using the linear probe

I love using the linear probe for adrenals because it can really outline the cortex and medulla; even on larger dogs they can often let you get close enough if you use gentle steady pressure. Your right adrenal image would be even more awesome if you can get rid of the intestine above which steals your echoes. Start with a right kidney pinned against the body wall, drop the tail and keep up the pressure so you can keep the GI out of the way. Definitely refer to the links Kelly gave you on “no adrenal left behind” for lots more detail on this technique.

Use the linear on cats also – enhances your ability to pickup up those somewhat more elusive adrenals!  More on this also in our adrenal campaign:)

Good job! Adrenals are beautiful aren’t they!

Diane, SonoPath


Thanks for the

Thanks for the comments…Yeah, linear probes are nice…it’s the difference between 1960’s B&W TV w/ rabbit ears and a Plasma screen w/ Hi-Def cable.



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