There is pelvis dilation or not

A 2-year-old male neutered persian cross was presented with lethargy. Blood tests showed creatinine greater than 9.2mg/dL and phosphorus >20mg/dL. On US examination, neproliths were found in both kidneys. To me therse nephroliths are not causing obstruction of the renal pelvis and the renal pelvis is not dilated. I do get sometimes confused as to how to differentiate between renal medulla and the renal pelvis when it is dilated – any tips. There is increased cortex to medulla ration in both kidneys – any siginificancae of this – does it indicate AKI? Both kidneys have a cyst also

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  1. Trace pelvic dilation and

    Trace pelvic dilation and some echogenic debris may be pyelonephritis if urinalysis supports infection. Best seen in video 2. Stone mover non obstructive but also the pelvis and ureters get strictures post stone passage. Young cat with stones consider pss as these kidneys look swollen as well.

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