Target lesion or not?

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A 2-yeard-old male neutered jack russel was presented with the complain of vomiting. On abdominal scan, an irregular splenic lesion with sharp demarcation was noticed. The lesion had hyperechoic centre with some hypoechoic area in the periphery. By definition, it falls in the target lesion category but doesn’t look like a typical one. Dog was diagnosed with pancreatitis and was admitted and the FNA was planned once he recovers from pancreatitis. So is this a target lesion or not? The urinary bladder wall was irregular, but no signs of LUTI are present



I would call it an irregular

I would call it an irregular target lesion. Fna and culture may be a splenic abscess. Too young for hyperplasia. Neoplasia possible but young for that but happens.

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Thanks Erric

Thanks Erric

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