Rabbit abdoiminal mass

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Rabbit abdoiminal mass

7 yr.

7 yr. FS Domestic Rabbit presented for anorexia.  Radiographs showed ventral abdominal mass effect and radiologist recommended abdominal ultrasound for suspect GI/mesentery or lymph node neoplasia, granulomatous ds, cyst or abscess.  Ultrasound revealed two large masses, one mid abdomen encapsulated with anechoic contents and a few striations, the other just cranial to the first mass and  hypoechoic with some hyperechoic markings throughout and both surrounded with fuzzy, hyperechoic tissue.  Could not make a connection with bowel or other organs.  The more cranial mass was situated dorsal to duodenum and cranial to the right kidney.  (Note, one video labeled RK for kidney doesn’t show the RK well, but is there for orientation).  Owner declined FNA and rabbit responded to medical management for illeus.  Planning to rescan, but wondering when to do so.  First rabbit ultrasound, so also concerned part of what I’m looking at could be cecum, but the fuzzy fat makes me think it is a true abnormality.  Advice?



looks fluid filled like an

looks fluid filled like an omental or pancreatic abscess. I would explore

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