Pyloric – duodenal intussusception

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Pyloric – duodenal intussusception

6 years old cat, M/N with a chronic history of decrease apettite, vomiting on and off, very thin 

BW was wnl. 

AUS : mild mineralization on both kidneys, no pelvic dilation, mild thickening of the stomach wall – 0.48 cm 

To me it looks like pyloric intussusception- non obstructive . 

Do you agree? 



Im seeing normal single layering and not doubled or tripled which i would expect in an intussusception.


Maybe I did not selected the most representative images but to me it looks like there are to many lawyers in the pylorus, unless it’s reverberation artefact, but consistent in multiple images ?planes.  Unfortunatelly from this unit I cannot upload clip as over 40 mb


I think that is just reverberation artifact.


Now that I look at it more I agree. To symetrical lines…

thank you

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