pancreatitis vs pancreatic mass

pancreatitis vs pancreatic mass

Hello this is an older, anorexic, sick cat . Pancreas is hypoechoic, large, irregular with some hyperechoic focci and the fat surrounding the pancreas is hyperechoic . There is scant amount of free fluid and a large liver nodule/ mass . Would these findings suggest more a pancreatic mass with metastasis versus pancreatitis and primary…

U/S biopsies

Hello and Happy New Year to all of you ! In regards to sampling liver was wondering what is the trend inbetween sonographers . Is majority of you still do tru-cut biopsies ( when indicated) or moving more towards surgical biospies ? I ve spoke with few pathologist in my areea and they do prefer…

different echogenicity in between liver lobes

Hello,  I ve seen this a few times and I’m not sure how to interpret or if it is significant . Is this called anisotropy? and just an artefact  from angle of imaging? or can suggest something ?  This is a 6 years old chihuahua with high ALT ( 10 times normal )  Thank you

GB sludge. when do you start sAME?

just curious, when you find moderate GB sludge with mild increase in ALKP only, do you recommend sAME/ mild thistle /etc? or you just monitor liver enzymes ? find this a lot and see some of these dogs progressing in months or years to choleliths.    Thank you

Maine coon HCM with Sam?

This is a 8 years old Mine coon diagnosed 8 months ago with HCM . he does have SAM now based on “V” shaped regurg jets and not so clean MMode . Can you confirm ? . Also is there a reference for maineCoons LA size . His LA/AO is 1.9  Thank you

what does this ?

6 years old chihuahua M/N with history of chronic vomiting, soft stool, losing weight. currently looks emaciated  Unfortunatelly bw not available – owner will do next week as financial constraints . Suspect chronic gastritis, cannot rule out neoplasia but less likelly due to chronicity of symptoms and no severe loss of layering definition  PLE would…

Right and Left heart failure

This dog presented with CHF. was already on triple meds. X0rays showed right and left side heart enlarged with pulmonary edema  Not stable to do full echo. He does have an enlarged LA but it also looks like the right ventricle is thickened and Ra is enlarged . Does tricuspid looks normal ? there is…

Mineralized mass of the spleen

Hello,   This is a 14 years old M/N Bichon that was diagnosed with an abdominal mass during a routine PE . Patient has CRD, moderate increase in ALKP, dental disease; not symptomatic  Patient has a splenic mass, no free fluid ; owner understands malignant vs benign but declined FNA due to old age  My…

Pyloric – duodenal intussusception

6 years old cat, M/N with a chronic history of decrease apettite, vomiting on and off, very thin  BW was wnl.  AUS : mild mineralization on both kidneys, no pelvic dilation, mild thickening of the stomach wall – 0.48 cm  To me it looks like pyloric intussusception- non obstructive .  Do you agree? 

Cause for ascites ?

Hello,  I can use some help with this case . Zoey is a 7 years old lab X that presented for ascites  U/S : no macroscopic neoplasia, liver was subjectivelly small but did not looked cyrrhotic to me ( My understanding is that U/S can underestimate early cirrhotic appearance) . No hepatic congestion, no distended…

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