polycystic kidneys?

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polycystic kidneys?

This is a 7 year old MN Siamese.  He has been lethargic and lost some weight in the last week.  Had an episode of multiple times of vomiting in them middle of the week related to a diet change.  Has been better over the last couple of days.  Blood work is pending.  He does not seem to be very uncomfortable, but wondering about paliative drainage and/or if you think I should aspirate the remaining cortex as it looks mottled.  Bummed I failed to save video, so I know you will be limited in how much you can say.



Forgot to mention, did find one cyst in the liver and both adrenals are plump at 7.5 mm. 


This look like standard near end stage pkd kidneys to me and PLD as well if cysts in liver. My guess is renal failure will come up on the bloodwork. Check BP and any uti…


Palliative draining the large cysts can sometimes improve the discomfort but often of a short duration.

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