Persistent truncus arteriosus!

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Persistent truncus arteriosus!

Hi everyone!


This is a my very first (and only?) and super rare persistent ductus arteriosus (PTA)!

3mo female, no breed, with exercise intolerance and grade III/IV murmur (louder in the left side)


What I think I am seeing here:

Persistent ductus arteriosus with an almost non existent funcional VSD (I’ve googled and searched some books and didn’t find any thing like it!)

Stenotic RVOT

Double velocity PTA, high velocity from the RVOT velocity and normal velocity from the LVOT

– Severe hypertrophy of the RV due to the RVOT stenosis (or would you think equalized pressure between ventricles? but TR=140mmHg and MR=100mmHg)

– important thickening (dysplasia) of the septal cuspid of Mitral valve, with associated regurgitation

– PTA has a bicuspid valve (huge ones!)

– I didn’t see the pulmonary artery branches and I don’t have very good views of the PTA, but I’ll rescan this puppy in 1 or 2 weeks just to focus on that.



Yesterday I scanned my first situs inversus totalis with dextrocardia and today this. I am completely and utterly 100% mind blown.


I’d love to hear your thoughts.



Amazing images and clips!

Amazing images and clips!

A really cool case!

Congrats! Peter


Just super cool! congrats!

Just super cool! congrats!

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