Login redirect, sidebar & footer cleanup

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Login redirect, sidebar & footer cleanup

*note: this category is visible to Admins & Editors only*

  • Installed Sidebar Login plugin so users are now redirected to the forum Front Page, which is currently set to Latest Posts. The redirect can be set to anywhere via the Sidebar Login settings.
  • Cleaned up the sidebar which had some elements that I’m assuming are unneeded/unwanted: the RSS button at the top, the WordPress blogroll links, Archives, and the Meta widget which is replaced with the plugin.
  • Removed WordPress logo and theme info from footer.
  • Copied ‘How to Start Your Own Post…’ as a page so it’s easy to navigate to from the header and Pages links. Un-stickied original post.





  • Let me know if you feel this is an improvement or if there are any problems with this. The tutorial video will have to be updated sometime also.
  • Let me know if you think this Forum Development category is a good idea.
  • I noticed a conflict between the Calendar widget and Role Scoper- if a user clicks on a date but there are no posts for the user’s level they will get a 404 error page. This shouldn’t be too hard to fix, though.
  • I think maybe the Welcome Vet Technicians page should be a sticky post in the Vet Tech category?
  • Update Forum Rules and ‘How to’ pages
  • (still working on image and video plugins)


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