Is the liver hypoechoic

A male neutered persian cat of 4 years of age was presented with acute onset of vomtiing. The cat just finished 7 days course of itraconazole for ring worm treatment. The owner mentioned that the cat had vomited before also when it completed 7 days of itraconazole treatment. Blood test showed ALT value 1280 and total bilirubin value of 1.2. To me, on US, live looks a bit hpoechoic with increased portal markings. CBD seems normal. Just wanted to confirm if the findings are correct

Liver echogenicity and echotexture assessments seem very subjective and it is hard for me to assess these two parameters. How the interpretation of these two parameters can be improved

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  1. Early cholangitis pattern.

    Early cholangitis pattern. Liver does not look lipidotic. Consider infectious and needs an fna or core bx and culture. The liver is hypoechoic to falciform fat that doesnt support lipidosis but you cant really know til fna.

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