Liver Fine Needle Aspirate


I’ve had 3 Livers USG- FNB nondiagnostic. All cats with diffuse Hyperechoic liver that I’ve suspected Hep. Lipidosis vs Lymphoma/other. I do look at microscope to assure samples good enough to send. All these samples have only blood on it with very few to no hepatocytes. I’m using a 23 G 1.5 inch attached to a seringe.I don’t aspirate just move the needle back and forth fast 7-8 times.  Suspect I have to change something….Any suggestions?


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    lipidotic livers 25 g and fast through the falciform or go intercostal and then slide slow throught the jello pudding parenchyma.

    Then consider trying otehr cytologists if your samples are coming up solid and you arent getting the read your looking for.

    We are currently putting together a cytology page for sonopath wiht recs from needle to read stay tuned. In meantime check out my youtube on fna–lNj-7MUG4


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