Is it adrenal gland tumor?

13-year-old neutered female daschund. She was presented with the complain of a nodule in the left caudal mammary gland. Abdominal US was done for met check. The caudal lobe of the left adrenal gland looks enlarged, though still below 6mm. Some hypoechoic circular areas can also be seen in the caudal lobe. Is it a developing LA neoplasia. No signs of cushing’s yet. In general healthy dog. Normal ALP but hypercalcemia of 12.3mg/dL

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  1. Minor cystic change to watch

    Minor cystic change to watch n the caudal pole but likely normal variant. Capsule is still in tact and no vascular invasion. I would rescan in 30 days and run a blood pressure.

    Note we get to the forum every 48-72 hours as part of the forum community interaction together wiht anyone in th ecommunity that is welcome to comment as opposed to telemedicine service which is a different thing. Telemedicine services are focused on first and have a 24 hour turnaround and 4-6 hours on stats. Hope this clarifies the expectations.

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