Inspissated gall bladder in a feline?

16 year old FS DSH, owner concerned she is uncomfortable because her posture is more hunched, mild increase in renal values and SDMA with more marked anemia of 25%.  Liver values WNL.  Anorexia that improved with some outpatient supportive care.  History of hyperthyroidism, controled.

I had a difficult time making out the gall bladder in this patient.  The common bile duct was thickened, measuring 6 mm.  No choleliths seen and no mass at the duodenal papilla.  Tracing the CBD retrograde, gall bladder appears to be homogenous with the rest of the parenchyma.  Thoughts?

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    • Great! Sorry for yet another

      Great! Sorry for yet another question – is it typical to see the common bile duct look distended as in this cat? Assuming not a problem?

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