Ilium lesion — is it signficant or not

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Ilium lesion — is it signficant or not

A 3-year-old male intact golden retriever was presented almost collapased with 10% dehydration. Blood test was unremarkable except hyperproteineimia. He was stabilised and became much better over the next day. Abdominal ultrasound was done and there were highly enlarged jejunal lymph nodes. The other significant finding was the presence of a hyperchoic line in the mucosal layer and sometimes the muscular layer on the cranial part would look enlarged on fanning and sometimes it seems to lose submucosal detail in that area. Most likely, this is not the cause of the clinical signs of this patient. But do you think that the ilium needs to be monitored for later. The size of ilium was 7.8mm



Normal ileum it naturally

Normal ileum it naturally gets a thicker muscularis at the ICJ. Mesenteric LN is reactive length to width ratio is normal.

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How about the overall size?

How about the overall size? It is 7.8mm, which is quite big or I am not measuring it properly


Looking at your first video

Looking at your first video im estimating about 5 mm serosa to serosa which is normal and i dont recommend measuring normal curvilnear bowel unless measuring wall thickness serosa to lumen and the indivuidual layers to assess muscularis to mucosal ratio whne abnormal. If mass formations are present that is different. Otherwise its really just lost time and has no real info. Loss of mural detal matters and muscularis to mucosal ratios matter but in normal bowel the rest of the measurements have no value in my opinion unless the bowel is distinctly abnormal.

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