Hypoplastic annulus

I am having trouble diagnosing hypoplastic annulus in case of pulmonic stenosis. I mean what is the criteria to say that this is a normal annulus and this is a hypoplastic annulus

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    • I m asking in general
      I saw

      I m asking in general


      I saw someone else’s post for which the specialist had agreed on hypoplastic annulus of the pulmonic valve but I wasn’t able to recognise it

  1. Usually, the pulmonic valve

    Usually, the pulmonic valve annulus should be almost the same. size like the aortic annulus. The main types of valvular pulmonic stenosis are:

    Type A: only commissural fusion, valve otherwise normal

    Type B: dysplastic valve: thickened immobile leaflet +/- hypoplasia of the annulus

    Hourglass stenosis: narrowing at the “top” of the pulmonic valve.

    Will certainly talk about this in detail when I’m back to NJ for lecturing with Sonopath 😉



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