Complete Cranial Cruciate Rupture In A 9-Year-Old FS Labrador Retriever: Our Case Of the Month 2021

Complete Cranial Cruciate Rupture In A 9-Year-Old FS Labrador Retriever: Our Case Of the Month 2021

A 9-year-old female spayed labrador retriever was presented for ruptured CCL in the left stifle after chasing a ball. Upon physical manipulation the joint was found to be very unstable and it had a positive cranial drawer on CTT (cranial tibial translation). TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement) surgery scheduled.

RAD – Bilateral chronic degenerative carpal hyperlaxicity syndrome in a 6 year old FS Labrador Retriever

This 6 year old FS Labrador Retriever has a history of pain and lameness of 2 years duration, and has been on steroids since then. Presented with plantigrade gait of the carpi with carpi and tarsal pain.

CT – Unspecific unilateral chronic, mildly destructive rhinitis with secondary frontal sinusitis in a dog

This Labrador mix dog presented with shifting leg lameness of 3 weeks duration,moderately responsive to pain medications. Unilateral nasal bleeding post NSAIDs,(also post trauma)  has progressed to constant blood dripping from left nares.  Physical exam: overweight, left nares bleeding, grade 2/4 lameness right front  CBC/Chem: HCT 34%, non-regenerative, PLT 69,000, PT/PTT elevated prior to startng…

ORTHO – Normal age related changes on ultrasound of the shoulder in a Husky dog with lameness

This Husky dog presented with intermittent lameness of the left foreleg of 9 months duration. Physical Exam- painful left shoulder on extension

CT- medal coronoid pathology (MCP) and elbow joint incongruity with kissing lesion in a 3 year old FS Labrador Retriever dog

 This 3 year old FS Labrador Retriever dog presented with a history of right front lameness of 6 months duration. Previous rads and CT of shoulder showed no cause for lameness. Physical Exam: wnl other than lameness   

CT- normal CT of the right shoulder in a 3 year old FS Labrador Retriever dog with lameness

This 3 year old FS Labrador retriever dog presented for lameness on the right front leg of about 6 months duration. Physical exam: wnl other than lameness   

ORTHO – Stifle degenerative joint disease (DJD) and partial cranial cruciate ligament CCL) rupture in a 9 year old FS King Charles Cavalier Spaniel dog

History of right hind lameness at the beginning of January 2016. Left and right knee rads and pelvis unremarkable at the time. No cranial drawer sign noted on either knee. Pet was placed on a trial of Metacam but owner still seeing lameness. Pet re-examined today and lameness noted on the L hind leg. Crepitus…

ORTHO – Left Stifle degenerative joint disease (DJD) with partial cranial cruciate (CCL) rupture in a 2 year old MN mixed dog

History of injury to left stifle dating back about 1 year, on and off favoring. Jumped log recently and a lot worse.  Physical Exam: Positive Cr drawer, positive CTT, pain left stifle, med buttress. CBC/chem: wnl   Reason for Ultrasound Exam: Pre surgical evaluation of left stifle.

Left and Right Stifle Cranial Cruciate Ligament (CCL) rupture with degenerative joint disease (DJD) in a 7-year-old FS Border Collie mixed canine: Our Case of The Month March 2016

The patient was presented for intermittent lameness of the left hind for a duration of 1.5 years. Recently the right hind limb is painful, the patient seems more lethargic and does not get up much. Radiographs from previous vet showed mild inflammation of the fat pad of the left stifle. Currently on Rimadyl. Physical exam…

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