Enlarged left adrenal gland, Conn’s Syndrome likely in a 17 year old FS DSH

Enlarged left adrenal gland, Conn’s Syndrome likely in a 17 year old FS DSH

A 17-year-old FS DSH cat was presented for Inappetence, thickened intestines, kidney failure and hypertension. Abnormalities on CBC and serum biochemistry were increased BUN 44 and Creatinine 2.6. Potassium 3.6 slightly subnormal. 

Distal small intestinal mass, gastric foreign body and bladder stones in a 11 year old MN Norwich Terrier

This 11 year old MN Norwich Terrier has a history of urate crystals and presented with gastroenteritis and inappetance.

Intussusception in a 6 month old MN American Eskimo Spitz dog

A 6-month-old MN American Eskimo Spitz dog was presented with a history of chronic gastrointestinal illness and protein losing enteropathy. Blood work revealed hypoalbuminemia (albumin 1.8 g/dl) hypoproteinemia (total protein 4.3 g/dl), elevated GGTP, and poorly regenerative anemia (hematocrit 31). Leukocytosis with a left shift (22000/hpf).

03_00203 Mozart D Hepatic mass: carcinoma, pseudomonas infection

A 13-year-old MN Shetland Sheepdog with lengthy history of gastrointestinal issues, cholecystectomy 1 year prior, and elevated liver enzymes, was presented for limping. On physical examination the dog had right fore lameness and an enlarged left elbow was evident. The only significant abnormality on blood chemistry was severely elevated ALP activity (7125 U/L). Elbow radiographs…

Intestinal Lymphosarcoma in a 9 year old FS Golden Retriever dog

This 9-year-old FS Golden Retriever dog had a 3 year history of alimentary lymphoma that was in complete remission following a CHOP chemotherapy protocol. The patient presented with vomiting and melena. Blood analysis demonstrated mild regenerative anemia.

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