Highly vascular Gallbladder mass in a 10 year old MN Bichon Frise

Highly vascular Gallbladder mass in a 10 year old MN Bichon Frise

A 10 year old MN Bichon Frise dog was presented for routine dental cleaning. Pre-operative showed ALT = 210 and ALKP = 146. On brief scan = sludge in GB. Dental cleaning performed and patient sent home on Denamarin and ursodiol. Owner stopped both after patient developed diarrhea on medications. Presented a few weeks later with…

Inflamed gallbladder mucocele in an 8 year old FS Miniature Schnauzer

An 8-year-old FS Miniature Schnauzer was presented for evaluation of elevated liver enzyme activity on routine pre-anesthetic blood work. Physical examination was normal. Abnormalities on CBC and serum biochemistry were mild non-regenerative anemia (37%) and elevated ALT (295) and pre-and postprandial bile acids 101 and 98, respectively. cPL was within reference range.

Thickened intestines 13 Year Old MN DSH cat

A 13 year old MN DSH cat was presented for evaluation of chronic vomiting with a persistent eosinophilia and elevated ALT activity.

03_00176 Jeter G Splenoazygos shunt and microvascular dysplasia *Oct 2012 COM*

A 3-year-old MN Jack Russell Terrier with history of elevated ALT activity; treated with Ursodial in Japan, was presented for an initial visit. Physical examination was unremarkable and the owners were advised to stop giving the Ursodial. The patient was presented for vomiting for 3 days shortly after his initial visit. Physical examination and survey…

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