Glossitis in a 10 month old Australian Cattle dog

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Glossitis in a 10 month old Australian Cattle dog

 History: Diagnosed with suppurative glossitis based on oral biopsy. No evidence of fungal or autoimmune disease on biopsy. He was placed on a 7-day course of Clavamox, and his symptoms of lethargy, fever and anorexia resolved. He also had a beta hemolytic strep UTI at 4 months of age. Chemistries have been normal.  Initial CBC had an elevated WBC, but recheck CBC was WNL. 

Pathologist suggested looking for nidus of infection such as endocarditis or prostatitis.  I submitted echo images to Dr. Lamy.  There was very mild mitral regurgitation (hemodynamically insignificant) with no valvular thickening noted.  Borderline systolic function.  Otherwise normal.  Dr. Lamy thought endocarditis unlikely.  Given the borderline function, myocarditis a possibility, but also unlikely.  She suggested running a troponin level.  Unsure if this has been done yet.  The patient has no arrhythmia.  

My abdominal ultrasound was unremarkable.  Wondering additional steps you would recommend, pending follow up on the troponin.



Its really tough to know

Its really tough to know whether vegetative lesions are typical mvd vs infectious. Blood cutlures are unreliable. I like clindamycin doxy combo for endocarditis (if tick borne is an issue) or baytril especially with that history and I would run it for 3 weeks and not just a week as eliminating any bug sometimes will take time especially is setting up in vegetative changes. This is just my presonal approach on the few cases I have seen vegetative changes dissappear after empriical treatment. Clavamox may be ok but i would use something a bit more penetrating maximizing pharma dynamics like baytril or baytril clindamycin combo. Ill see if Remo who is the bug expert can provide insight here. I think baytril is safe after 10 months which would likely be 11 months by the time its implemented.


If tropinin is elevated then

If tropinin is elevated then chase the myocarditis/endocarditis – has the glossitis resolved as it could have merely been a focal inection secondary to trauma, chemical irritation rather than from systemic disease. 

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