Gall bladder mucocele or not

A 5-yeard-old male neutered jack russel was presented with the complain of vomiting. Mildly elevated ALP 300U/L and high amylase 1621U/L were noticed on blood test. cPLi test result was abnormal but the left and right limb of pancreas were normal sonographically. A lot of biliary sludge was noticed in the gall bladder, which sometimes gave the impression of the GB mucocele. Gall bladder wall is normal and the peri gall bladder tissue is also normal. I think this is not a gall bladder mucocele. Can you please confirm?

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  1. I am sorry for rushing it. I

    I am sorry for rushing it. I know it can take 2-3 days for the reply. Just making me worried, if it is a mucocele and it needs to be removed


  2. Not a mucocele – non-adherent

    Not a mucocele – non-adherent hyperechogenic/sludge material within the gall bladder and normal appearance of the wall. Could still be dealing with pancreattis.

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