Feline small cell lymphoma in subcutaneous lymph node

I did a staging ultrasound on a 5 year old FS DSH.  She had a lump in her caudal mammary region removed that histo showed was a lymph node containing small cell lymphoma.  I do not think they did immunohistochemistry to differentiate T-cell and B-cell origin, but please comment if that would affect your recommendation in the case.  This biopsy was performed in late 2019.  The previous vet had the cat on prednisolone daily and chlorambucil MWF.  Her new vet discontinued this and requested the ultrasound.  The ultrasound was unremarkable.  Recommendations? The patient seems to be non-clinical other than some thin fur in the caudal mammary region, likely from self trauma.

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  1. As the initial diagnosis was

    As the initial diagnosis was 2019, two possiblities would be early stage I lymphoma, which was completely excised; and that the small cell lymphoma was in fact reactive hyperplasia, especially as no specific markers were done.

    How long has the treatment been discontinued?

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