Hemangioma in a 10-year old MN DSH Cat: Our Case Of the Month November 2020

Hemangioma in a 10-year old MN DSH Cat: Our Case Of the Month November 2020

The patient presented for ADR and hiding which was worsening over time. Blood chemistry, CBC, and urinalysis were both unremarkable. The caudal lumbar area of the patient was uncomfortable upon palpation. Radiographs revealed fused tail vertebrae, enlarged heart, and a mass effect in the chest. A double cavity ultrasound was performed and findings confirmed fused kidneys (which…

Chronic Cholangiohepatitis in a 1-year-old FS Australian Shepherd Mix: Our Case of The Month June 2018

A 1-year-old, FS, Australian Shepherd mixed breed canine was presented for acute onset of collapse/dizziness. This was the first episode that the patient ever had; patient was BAR prior. Hepatomegaly was seen on radiographs. Blood chemistry showed an elevated ALT, CBC/UA were WNL. 4DX heartworm test was positive, Lepto test was negative.

CT – Atlanto-axial subluxation with secondary compressive myelopathy, congenital, in a 7 month old F Yorkshire terrier

This 7 month old F Yorkshire Terrier presented with neurological signs. Rads show focal scoliosis at approximate level of T5. Hyper-reflexia pelvic limbs, 2-3+ in thoracic limbs. Uable to stand normally; when recumbent, voluntary movement all 4 limbs. Pain present. WBC 20,800, increased platelets, Total protein 7.8

CT – Negative for portosystemic shunt in a 4 month old MN Chihuahua with neurological signs

This 4 month old MN Chihuahua presented with impaired balance, abnormal gait, falling to the side Physical exam: circling to the left, ataxia, hypermetria of pelvic limbs CBC/Chem: lymphocytes incr, neutrophils decr, TP 5.1, glucose 127, Phos 7.4   R/O liver shunt

RAD – Pin migration and loosening plate 7 years post acetabular and trochanteric osteotomy in a Saint Bernard

This Saint Bernard has a history of traumatic pelvic fractures with surgical repair 7 years ago. Presented for evaluation of migrating pin

CT – Craniocervical subluxation and stenosis due to a congenital malformation in a 4 month old MN ferret

This 17 week old MN ferret presented for ataxia and paresis of the hind limbs and to a lesser extent the front limbs. Apparently has had some ambulation deficits since at least 6 weeks of age Pgysical exam: extreme pain on palpation of neck and skull

RAD- Mild maldigestion pattern in a 10 year old FS Golden Retriever

This 10 year old FS Golden Retriever has a history of difficulty getting up/falling of 2 months duration. Abdominal pain.

CT – Hereditary congenital multiple cartilaginous exostosis with compressive myelopathy and neuropathy in a 5 month old M Border Collie

This 5 month old M Border Collie dog presented with a Wobbler-like gait, difficulty rising. Muscle atrophy right hind but reflexes present, some TL discomfort. No neck mobility. Exostosis present in multiple areas. 

CT – normal brain and severe spondylarthrosis, sclerosis and disc protrusions in a 10 year old MN Pitbull dog with seizures

This 10 year old MN Pitbull dog started having seizures approximately 1 year ago, currently controlled with phenobarbital. Old spinal injury affects ambulation and bladder control.

RADS – Minor left-sided hip dysplasia in a 5 year old MN Akita dog

This 5 year old MN Akita dog presented with a 2 month history of left hind lameness. Sedated films done at that time showed hip dysplasia with subluxation of left hip. He stands with hind legs base narrow, hocks are together at home. No trauma known. Physical Exam: base narrow stance in both hind legs. Both…

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