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Catrick Swayze is a 3 year old neutered male that has had reoccuring episodes of anorexia and vomiting that responds to symptomatic treatment. (fluids, antibitocs, was on a tapering dose of pred also) In June ALT was >4000 and Tbil was elevated as was lipase.  He has a recheck of his chem on July 7 and all values returened to normal. Two days ago he vomited and was hiding. His alt was 2700 Tbil normal lipase 5232 mild neutrophilia strong positive cpl There was an ultrasound done at an emerg clinic and still images sent for evaluation and they were normal. I repeated the ultrasound yesterday. I know a picture of an image is difficult, but I am attaching a pic of the liver and a few of the gallbladder. I always have difficulty determining if something is truely hypoechoic or normal. This looked diffusely hypoechoic. And the gallbladder was thickened and super hyperechoic. The ducts did not look dilated and the tbil was normal this time. I could not find abnormal pancreas, but was treating him with pain meds and cerenia and he started feeling better. Was wanting thoughts on the gallbladder. I have never seen one so hyperechoic, especially with normal Tbil.  I am concerned re cholecystitis and started him on baytril and metronidazole for  4 weeks as well as ursodiol.





chronic cholangitis with

chronic cholangitis with mural gb fibrosis “porcelain gb.” I cant tell what the cbd is doing but i suggest a linear probe following the cbd to the d pap and should be under 4 mm wide to see if cbd stones, mucoduct is present as well.




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