Aortic anomaly?

Maverick is a 12 year old FS GSP.  She has had an increased urge to urinate, waking owner up at night, but not having accidents.  Per owner, has improved with proin treatment.  Previous UA was WNL.  Blood work has not been performed in over 6 months.  Has a mottled splenic nodule not changing the shape of the capsule.  The aorta deviates significantly right in the region of the left renal artery and becomes very distended, arching ventrally.  Is this an incidental finding? An anurism would be more of a pouch off of the aorta? The dog’s blood pressure is mildly elevated, 168 systolic, but attribute some of this to anxiety.  What would you recommend next?

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  1. So i just checked with a

    So i just checked with a human vascular rdms that works in veteirnary and they call aneurisms if they are >50% of normal and normal aorta is about 1 cm in a gsd. Bu also be sure this doesnt preceded a clot distally. I would check coag parameters as well as the blood is sludging here. So I think “regional emerging aneurism” would fit well here.

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