4 year old FS Lab x w/ mild azotemia

Intermittent vaginal discharge.  I’m sorry, but don’t have recent UA results other than to know she had a normal UPC.  History of intermittent vaginal discharge and mild azotemia.  Kidneys appear WNL and there is no history of any urinary incontenence, but owners state their carpet is an unusual color and may make it hart to discern.  Ultrasound showed some anechoic fluid in a structure between the urinary bladder and the descending colon.  Suspect uterine horn, but some concern for ectopic ureter, although does not seem to fit with history.

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    • possibly as the owner reports

      possibly as the owner reports intermittent vaginal discharge.  I didn’t see any, but this was not a complete ultrasound – just urinary focused 🙁

    • What is the best way to

      What is the best way to tackle this? Full ultrasound, starting with looking just caudal to the kidney and blood testing anti-Muellarian Hormone & progesterone?

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