4-month old kitten with hyperbilirubinemia and pneumonia

A 4-month-old male DSH was presented for anorexia and lethargy. On PE, moderate dyspnoea was observed and pyrexia of 40.1. X-Rays revealed

  • mild congestion on the right and left lung proximal to the heart
  • On US, it showed shred sign in the consolidated regions, thus confirming pneumonia
  • Blood work revealed ALT 255 and TBIL 2.1. HCT was 11. US was done to rule out the PH obstruction or heaptic cause of hyperbilirubinemia
  • US revelaed thickened GB wall with a hallow sign. The liver architecture and the bile duct size are normal. I am woundering what could be the cause of the GB wall thickening in a kitten of 4-month age and could this also be the cause of hyperbilirubinemia. Left and right limbs of pancreas were normal
  • The kitten is doing well with the antibiotics and antipyretics, which have been given now for 2 days. MM are still pale

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  1. The gb is collapsed and so it

    The gb is collapsed and so it appears thick just like a urinary bladder but cholangitis likely given the history. Assuming the pcv is normal and not hemolytic and not lab error then liver fna would be in order or infectious agents in your area.


  2. This is a sever Anemia with

    This is a sever Anemia with HCT=11, Obviously, starting the blood smear and look at under microscope and find what type of anemia is? Generative or none-generative anemia?
    If you are lucky might be you can find the C.felis organism inside the RBC.

    If you sure this is hemoplasmosis or hemobabar you can start the therapy. 

  3. The cbd is normal so no post

    The cbd is normal so no post hepatic disease, Gb is collapsed and normal for lack of volume. Liver parenchyma is fine but acute insult possible but hypoxia form aemia will drive a mild ALT so im betting hemolytic here.

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