Who’s Hungry? Burritos are on the Menu.

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Who’s Hungry? Burritos are on the Menu.

Have you ever been short handed while handling an avian patient? Ha, ha, short-handed? Never!? If you need a third hand and yours happens to be unavailable you can always burrito your avian patient.? Alas I would NEVER attempt this with anything larger than a cockatiel, with the exception of doves and pigeons which work great with the technique.

Check out this happy girl or boy here.? This little one has suffered a wing trauma, but is as happy as a pigeon in a burrito while he/she awaits a bandage.? 🙂

IMG_4168? IMG_4167



I believe I took a radiograph of a hamster once that I put in some type of a clear tube, might have been a 60cc syringe case, that immobilized him just enough for a few moments. Similar idea.

My favorite patients to radiograph are turtles. Plop them down and snap the picture with no fuss!

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