what does this ?

6 years old chihuahua M/N with history of chronic vomiting, soft stool, losing weight. currently looks emaciated

Unfortunatelly bw not available – owner will do next week as financial constraints . Suspect chronic gastritis, cannot rule out neoplasia but less likelly due to chronicity of symptoms and no severe loss of layering definition

PLE would not affect the stomach right ? and should see infiltrative changes in teh small intestinal wall , right ? I think there is also pyloric hypertrophy

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  1. Wow that’s ugly. The

    Wow that’s ugly. The submiucosal layer is thick but in tact so neoplasia less likely but certainly needs a scope and sampling. PLE dogs lose weight as well.

  2. Stomach not affected by PLE

    Stomach not affected by PLE unless it is part of GI inflammtory bowel disease. If stomach looks like that then would expect to see major changes in the intetsine as well as hypoalbuminemia and ascites.

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