Vancouver SDEP Abdomen all levels 4 spots left March 12-14.

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Vancouver SDEP Abdomen all levels 4 spots left March 12-14.

I usueally don’t advertise in the forum but what the heck its my site:) But honestly I would love to see and meet forum users at and SDEP abdomen lab to hang out at our reception friday evening and round tables business of ultrasound and such.

We have 4 spots left for Vancouver.


GOs, specialists, scannign techs or techs that want to scan we have a place for all.

Day 1 is sonographic pathology of all abdomen organs and ascites work through… everything we discuss on the forum emphasis on normal vs abnormal vs clinic… clinical soongraphy at its finest nuts and bolts gut feeling appraoches.. Days 2 and 3 are labs with lunch lectures and a business of ultrasound round table cocktail hour. In lab we have beginning to advanced tables to refine your game, speed, efficiency and sonographic footprint. Besides its Vancouver so if you haven’t been there its one of my favortie cities world wide and you know I travel a bit:) Hope to see you there!



Update: This event sold out last week if any of you are coming please let me know how you like sonopath and the forum or send me an email too..

OUr next event is in Denver SDEP Echo with Mandi Klemen DACVIM Cardiology

followed by SDEP abdomen in Andover, New Jersey (fly into EWR) with the Fall foliage 🙂

Remember we organize the lab tables based on individual needs for those who have never held a probe to intermediate/advanced and need for speed and efficiency and enhancing your sonographic footprint and survey you uip front so I can fit you properly with the right group of 3 (never more than that) and the best instructor and we send you materials ahead of time to prepare for the most efficient 3 days of learning you can have and ensure it sticks long term into your clincial sonography game.

Of course day 1 is all sonographic pathology echo or abdomen lecture so surely lots of insight to add to your game here at all levels… plus social events and its just a great hang. Sign up early as we risk selling out again like our last 2 labs…

If you haven’t SDEP-ped your protocol you will surely get a lot out of this meeting. Our evaluations have been constantly stellar and we are always evolving to impriove and meet your needs. Hope to see you in Denver +/- Andover, NJ.

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