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Ginger is a young dog rescued from South America . According to rescue file she is F/S . Presneted for vaginal bleeding. UA was normal, tx trial with antibiotics didn’t help.

To me this makes sense for a  stump pyometra as I could identify a hypoechoic cystic structure in the left side , close to LK that I think it’s the left ovary . I can see the cervix and the bifurcation of the left and right uterine horn but I loose them under the bladder. As I don t look at lots of intact dogs, cervix-es can you please let me know if this is suggestive of  stump pyo or other uterine pathology ? Would make  sense to do exploratory sx, explore, remove left ovary and clean, remove the remaining of the uterus- to cervix .



cystic left ovary/remnant and

cystic left ovary/remnant and thick uterus. If spayed they forgot some parts:) I was always taught to take the uterus down to the cervix so lots of uterine body left over and hypertrophy likely driven by the cystic ovarian remnant. Always good to scan and cut during heat signs when looking for ovarian remnants as they jump out better as is likely the case here.


Sounds good. That s the

Sounds good. That s the plan. 
thank you!

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