UGELAB (Ureter Obstruction)


This is an ultrasound-guided endoscopic diode laser ablation (UGELAB) of a transitional cell carcinoma in the uirinary bladder of a 10-year-old FS Beagle. There were many polyps in the trigone and urethra that were ablated as well. Rosie is doing well 12 months post UGELAB. This procedure was performed by Dr Dean Cerf (Laser/scope) and Dr Eric Lindquist at Dr. Cerf’s facility of Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital, Ridgewood, NJ, USA. The original abstract for this procedure was presented at ACVIM (Seattle)and ECVIM (Budapest) 2007 and will be also presented for a full hour lecture at ACVIM June 5, 2008 in San Antonio, Tx.

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10 Years

Female, Spayed


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