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  • 5 year old male entire labrador, presented off form, vomiting and stretching
  • Swollen testicle on physical exam
  • Abdo scan findings – increased portal markings, is this consistent with cholangiohepatitis? Any other differentials?
  • The abnormal testicle (first photo) was enlarged and seemed to have a large mass extending from normal tissue, do you think this is infection/abscess or neoplasia. Torsion seemed less likely. The normal testicle is shown above along with liver. 



Looks like a mass to me but

Looks like a mass to me but very young for that. Put power doppler on the testicle to check for torsion and compare to doppler on the normal testicle. Mild cholhep fits the liver presentation.


Thank you, he is going for

Thank you, he is going for surgery so I will post the final diagnosis. 

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