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  • Pancreatic FNA/Biopsy

    Just a simple question: While doing pancreatic FNA or biopsy, do we really need to take care to not hit the pancreatic duct? It seems challenging to avoid it. Will it cause some severe complication if the duct is hit during either FNA or tructu biopsy?

  • Pancreatic Campaign – In Pursuit of the Pancreas

    “In the Pursuit of the Pancreas” is a 6-week educational series, sent every Thursday (via email), that will help you recognize the pancreas, optimize your images and identify pathology. This post is a great place to ask questions, upload sample images and provide feedback on the campaign.

  • Pancreatic Lesion

    I was hoping to get some feedback on this case. Buddy is a 10 year old female Cocker spaniel with a long history. The main lab abnormality is a severe thrombocytopenia (17,000 platelets). The albumin is slightly low at 2.4. I am just now trying to do the 17 step SDEP protocol and just getting…

  • Pancreas Cyst/Pseudocyst Causing Pain?

    An aggressive Beagle  MN   6YO  presented for episodes of acute abdominal pain noted by owner, rDVM and tech.  No GI signs. No weight loss. Gradual increasing liver enzymes:  Recently:  ALT   273  and ALKP  1486 Radiograph of spine and hips : NSFs      Liver size: WNLs   

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