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  • Lymphangiectasia pattern but without diarrhea

    A 7-year-old female neutered cross breed dog was reffered for abdominal ultrasound with the complain of chronic vomiting which happens twice per week in the morning. On ultrasound, many small intestines show lymphangiectasia pattern with mucosal striations. Some loops normal, some mild to moderately affected. Ascites was present with hypoalbuminemia of 1.5g/dL. But interestingly, as…

  • Mucosal Fogging Friday šŸ™‚

    Well both dogs and cats get mucosal striations and when they coalesce I dubbed this phenomenon a few years ago “mucosal fogging” because the striations get obscured as they group together. In dogs this is almost pathogneumonic for lymphangectasia and PLE but in cats its still up in the air but I see it with…

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