Ruptured Mucocele with Peritonitis

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Ruptured Mucocele with Peritonitis


moderate increase in liver enzymes, TBIL normal . Do you agree that this looks like a ruptured GB mucocele ? abdominal fluid looks echogenic ; abdominocentesis serosanguinolent fluid, cytology pending . Sent patient for exploratory

I’ve diagnosed muccocele before but never come across a ruptured one



Hot Gb with that double

Hot Gb with that double layering, inflamed bright surrounding mesentery and free fluid is etiher perforation or significant inflammatory fluid. Regardless its an emergency surgery case cant really know unless you tap the fluid but have to cut anyway. When the full Gb collapse happens the gb contour flattens like a flat tire. In an early smaller leak the Gb holds the rounded contour like this.

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