Right and Left heart failure

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Right and Left heart failure

This dog presented with CHF. was already on triple meds. X0rays showed right and left side heart enlarged with pulmonary edema

Not stable to do full echo. He does have an enlarged LA but it also looks like the right ventricle is thickened and Ra is enlarged . Does tricuspid looks normal ? there is TR but did not measure it . does sugest dysplasia ?

Tks !



Looks more right chf than

Looks more right chf than left here. Check hepatic vein dilation and ascites for right chf. The TV is thick and prolapsing and increased pulmonary pressures likely an issue. Many valve dogs have also concurrent pulm hypertenion from respiratory disease as well as valve disease inducing right chf. Likley sildenafil is in order here but that heart is working really hard. Sudden death risk here.

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