Renal pathology in a cat

Hi, these images are from a 13 year old FS DSH cat who presented for anorexia, vomiting and weight loss.  A CBC / Chem panel was unremarkable.  I identified a 4cm small intestinal mass and mesenteric lymphadenopathy which I suspect are the cause of her clinical signs, but I also found this pathology in the right kidney that I am uncertain how to interpret – particularly the hypoechoic area of the cortex (that does not look like a medullary rim sign to me, and also didn’t seem like subcapsular fluid as it seemed to be within the parenchyma of the cortex – and so I’m not sure what else it might be).  Thanks for the feedback!

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  1. Thanks – when I found the

    Thanks – when I found the jejunal mass the client elected to euthanize, so I’m really posting for my own learning.

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