Recommendations for echocardiographer in NYC- Bengal cat-

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Recommendations for echocardiographer in NYC- Bengal cat-

Needed-  echo for a 10 yr old Bengal cat owned by a recent college grad on limited budget living in NYC

History-  owner’s mom is a vet in Charlotte NC and heard the murmur one year ago; she noted the murmur has recently gotten louder. Male neutered cat has been asymptomatic and has a normal heart rate and rhythm.

Location- The owner lives in Brooklyn NY but works in Manhattan.

Cost- Wants qualified echocardiographer experienced with cats and is reasonable in price

Why-  Do not know vets in NYC and would like a recommendation from sonographers in SonoPath community



I do a lot of reads from Imagine Sounds, Denise Bruno RDMS very solid sonographer doign mobile there. Otherwise I would say AMC but she will get AMC proces there of course.


Thanks so much for your input!

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