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This is a one year old boxer (did not obtain a weight)  There is another male intact boxer in the home.  The owners first noted that they got together around May 26th.  If she became pregant that week, then I would estimate that the puppies would be around 5 weeks or so now.

The ultrasound was performed this Monday, July 5th.

I am just curious if I might be a little off with my estimate.  I don’t see too many puppies, but my initial guess would be that these puppies are more in the 3 week or so range of age?  Not sure how much you can tell from these still photos.


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  1. I think 28-30 days would be

    I think 28-30 days would be my guess Rob as we usually rec 21 days at least for pg + check and these jump on the probe but nothing osseus showing yet. Again just experienced guestimation as I honestly despise breeeding work but it’s been a necessity over the years. Perhaps another forum dweller is better at this than I am:)

  2. Hi Rob!  I’ve used

    Hi Rob!  I’ve used measurements I found in a chart to estimate gestational age;  this is a brief summary:

    The GSD measurement was shown to be the most accurate predictor of gestational age between days 20-37. From days 38-60, HD (Head Diameter) was found to be the most accurate gestational age predictor but fetal CRL and BD were also significant.4


    1) Gestational sac diameter (GSD) is the diameter of the gestational sac when it is in the roundest shape possible on a transverse view (See Figure 1).

    Gestational age (GA) +/- 3 days (<40 days)
    GA = (6 X GSD) + 20

    Measure, and calculate!  I find it fun. 

    There are images on-line of the measurements if you search “Measuring GSD dog ultrasound gestational aging” 😉


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