Post OHE, looking for a gauze


Pancake is 4 yr F Pitbull, 64.4#, 2 days post OHE.

rDVM requested ultrasound as the sponge count was one gauze short.

clinically patient is normal, normothermic, non-painful abdomen.

I have not looked at a post op OHE so I am wondering if the appearance is normal or could be reactive to a gauze left behind. The inflammation seems to be at the uterine stump. I guess i was expecting a gauze sponge to have a hyperechoic strong shadowing appearance as might be seen if it was a cloth intestinal foreign body.

Currently the rDVM is just monitoring the patient closely since there are no real clinical signs to suggest that immediate surgical intervention. Considering a follow-up ultrasound in about one week.

Thank you!

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  1. No obvious swab.

    No obvious swab. Hyperechogenic appearance of caudal abdomen associated with the recent  OHE.

    Recommend a radiograph as most swabs have a radiopaque marker. 

  2. Well gauze or no gauze thats

    Well gauze or no gauze thats a mess back there even for immediate post ovh and free fluid. Needs exploratory debroidement and my guess is there is gauze in the mix of it all. No sx means adhesions bladder to colon and u stump to everythign around it.

  3. I dont know of any reports

    I dont know of any reports but personal experinec from being a surgeon and sonographer is that healing inflammation is well organized and localized and progressively diminishes int he few days post surgery. When this is not occurring there’s something wrong and that would be the case here in my opinion whether sepsis or suture reaction granuloma or possible gauze left or other poor technique.

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