Pleural effusion -Heart Failure?

This is a 14 years old cat presented for anorexia; was treated at a different clinic for 3-4 days with supportive treatment, fluids . BW showed mild anemia and mild increase in lymphocytes, monocytes

Was referred to us for an abdominal U/S, however on presentation was tachipneic and shortly became dyspneic. We did only a limited Flash U/S as not stable for more; we  noted small amount of abdominal fluid with distended hepatic veins, distended CVC and moderate pleural effusion; scant pericardial effuision. On flash Echo I can see an enlarged LA/AO, but not sure if significant enough for heart failure . With distended CVC would expect HCM, right side heart failure, possibly caval obctructive clot.

Does these limited images suggest anything else ? we started Furosemide as owner declined chest tap .Plan is to recheck for full echo

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  1. The angles are odd and

    The angles are odd and flipped but in your second video the LA is clearly big at 2 cm so i would treate for CHF first and reevaluate wiht a full echo when the patient stabilizes. Lasix pimo plavix is what i would do.

  2. thank you EL. we started

    thank you EL. we started lasix and plavix, patient deteriorated after 24 h and was euthanized. we should have tapped chest but most likelly, regardless poor prognosis as heart failure

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